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Character art

coming soon!

A recluse and a roller derby blocker

must navigate through a horror

novel to stop a ritual sacrifice.

What could go wrong?

Character art

coming soon!

Recluse Sophie Vanguard’s winter cabin retreat turns ​ominous when blue flowers mysteriously appear. They’re ​everywhere. On her front porch, in kitchen cabinets, and even ​on her pillow. It isn’t long before chilling whispers echo in ​the halls, and her journal repeats seven unsettling entries.

Enter the bloodied and beautifully eccentric Ly Thi Ren. ​Though Ren seems familiar, Sophie refuses to believe the ​girl’s insistence that they are trapped inside a book.

In a land of fiction, truth and lies blur together, clear ​decisions are marred by doubt, and shared family trauma ​lurks just below the surface.

Can Ren and Sophie make it out alive? Or will they end up ​nothing more than words inked in blood and memory?

With elements of gothic horror, splatterpunk, romance, and ​fantasy, Inked in Blood and Memory is a self-aware LGBTQ+ ​horror that wraps its clutches around the reader and doesn’t ​let go.

Inked in Blood and Memory


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#ProjectInkedBook will be available in e-book, paperback, hardcover,

and audiobook format.

The Vibes of Inked in Blood and Memory

Movie/TV Show ​Comparisons:

Ready or Not


The Pagemaster

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Diverse rep

Queer rep

What to expect:


F/F Romance

New Year’s Horror

“Eat the Rich”



Dark Academia

“Family is complicated”

The Dragon and the Double-Edged Sword

"Characters are inviting and romantic. Storyline is intriguing. I’m hoping they make a movie out of this. This new writer is interesting, and very talented, I enjoyed this book incredibly. I did not think I would like this genre. I am amazed that It kept my interest to the end. I hope there’s a sequel."

- Andrea, Amazon

“I was referred to this book as a fan of fantasy-adventure and the novel delivered exactly what I was looking for... deep characters, a twisting plot and a set up for the next. The protagonists are easy to cheer for but complicated, and the main character grows as the novel progresses. I also enjoyed the roots of a unique but somewhat system of "magic" Ivy planted in story one here.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of traditional fantasy adventure!”

- J.V. Hilliard, author of The Warminster Saga, Goodreads

Editing Services

(More upon request.)

* Disclaimer: Prices may increase if you have a tight deadline (i.e. less than 3 weeks or 21 days).


$0.23/100 words

Grammar and punctuation, general flow of paragraphs.

Does not include sentence rewrites or other, substantial edits. Ideal for manuscripts that have already been through other edits and are almost ready for publication.

Beta Reading

$1.00/1000 words

(The last step in editing! If your work has not been professionally edited, I wouldn’t choose this step yet.)

$1.00/1000 words - does not guarantee an official review.

Includes detailed notes as if I am one of your readers, giving you an advantage before publication. If I do review your book, it will be completely honest as I do not believe in paid reviews.


five of five star level

"I was referred to Allison by a friend to do the edit on my first novel, The Trouble with Marty. Being new to this process, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can honestly say that Allison did an amazing job. As a repeat client, I would highly recommend her to other authors who are looking for an editor as her attention to detail and dedication to making your story the best it can be makes for a great overall experience."

— DC Chase, Author of The Trouble with Marty

***Please note that I do not edit manuscripts with heavy religious elements as I do not feel I would be the best fit. Also, I will

not edit work that details violence against animals or hate speech. If you have questions about what I will not edit,

please reach out to me. Thank you for understanding!***

***Please note that I do not edit manuscripts with heavy religious elements as I do not feel I would be the best fit. Also, I will

not edit work that details violence against animals or hate speech. If you have questions about what I will not edit,

please reach out to me. Thank you for understanding!***

About Allison

Author of The Dragon and the Double-Edged Sword, Allison Ivy writes under a pen name and edits for others in her spare time.She grew up reading a book a day (mostly Goosebumps, Fear Street, or the work of Christopher Pike). Allison graduated from Penn State with a B.A. in English and a Creative Writing certificate. A Pittsburgh native, she currently lives in Pennsylvania and listens to far too many show tunes and DVD commentaries.

She is a subconsultant for Twin Tales Publishing and

Acquisitions Editor for Altered Reality Magazine.

FREE ways to support authors

Hey, I get it. Not everyone can afford to buy endless books (however much we want to!). There are a few ways you can still help your favorite authors for free!

  • Request their work at your local library.

  • If you read a library copy, leave a review! Every single one counts.

  • Add their books to your goodreads “Want to Read” lists.

  • Follow them on their social media and send a like or two their way. Even one repost helps a lot. My socials are on the “Contact” page.

As always, thank you for your kindness and support. I appreciate you!


As the author of The Dragon and the Double-Edged Sword, I’m offering anyone reading this the opportunity to earn a cash reward by showing the book to any literary agent, publisher, or producer who extends an acceptable contract offer to me. The reward is 10% of any initial book advance or option contract for film, capped at a maximum of $10,000.00 USD. Additionally, if you know of any international publishers, I’d love to hear about their proposal to translate the book into different languages.

Why offer this incentive?

-Over 98% of works published are introduced to publishers through direct connections rather than unsolicited submissions.

-Because most authors (including myself) are introverted, this method helps to overcome my limitations and amplify my outreach.

-Collaboration: Reading is inherently collaborative, needing not only the author's words but a reader's imagination. This reward allows readers to play a role in launching the career of an author they appreciate. And I will be forever grateful for your help.

I'm often in awe of just how small the world is. Somewhere out there, you are reading this and know of someone who may enjoy this work.

If there are individuals within your network involved in publishing or film (agents, editors, executives, avid readers, etc.), it is my hope you will pass along this book to them.

Please forward any leads, opportunities, or introductions to the email address below.

Thank you sincerely for your assistance.

Allison Ivy

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